Grievance Procedure (feat. Avalon​.​)

from by Delawarewolves





They said you weren't meant to be here
They said your mother was at fault
And now we see, it's become so clear
But all we're left with is revolt
You left a family heartbroken
You left our minds filled with grief
I wear your soul around my neck
I'm trying so hard to believe

Every year it will get harder
for your mother and your father
At times its so hard to keep up
At times I just don't give a fuck
I want to punish those responsible
and burn down that fucking hospital

I still remember that night
I was so far away, so far away
She called me crying and frightful
I should have been there on that day
oh, my cousin i have tried
to keep all of my knots tied
but i never got to say hello
i didn't have the chance to say goodbye

This song helps me to accept that you are gone.
This song helps me to never forget that you are dead and gone.

So now rest and watch over us
We'll feel your breath on every strong gust
We'll hear your feet along the pews
We will live this life for you.
So now rest in peace.


from From Curses To Verses, released August 1, 2012



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Delawarewolves Melbourne, Australia

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