One thousand steps to a resonating sadness
We break our backs to find answers and for what
This is the reason I am drowning my sorrows
Within these depths they could never keep afloat

I just want to be left alone
All you will get from me is a busy tone
Inside my head there is nobody home
How many times must you hear it, just leave me alone

At some point we all hide from the world
From scrutiny and words we don't want to hear

People have too much to say
Stop trying to fucking save the day.
Stop trying to fucking rescue me
I'm more free than you will ever be.

I know what you want
you want me to be ok
so you can get on with your mindless routine
Stop trying to rescue me

I'm in a cage and you are the bars
I've been a loner from the very start
Stop trying to fucking make me smile
You're whole life is a fucking denial.

everything you say is a lie
so dont even fuckin try
to confide in me you
fucking worthless piece of shit

just leave me alone.


from From Curses To Verses, released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Delawarewolves Melbourne, Australia

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