From Curses To Verses

by Delawarewolves

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Debut E.P from Delawarewolves


released August 1, 2012


Jack McWhinney - Vocals
Josh Todaro - Drums
Stephen Patti - Guitar
Ben Mouritz - Guitar
Jacko Hewitt - Bass

Lyrics written by Jack McWhinney
Music written by Josh Todaro
Additional Guitars written by Ben Mouritz

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Sonny Truelove at STL Studios
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering Studio
Guest Vocals and Piano/Keys on “Grievance Procedure” by Avalon. –

Layout and Design by Brock Chamings –

Management – Tom Johannesen:



all rights reserved


Delawarewolves Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Necromantic
I walked into a house of mourning
the walls are cracked, theres roaches swarming
signs of life long dead and gone
the smell of death remains
some things are better left undead
burn the bodies
the dead are alive
lock the doors and try to survive
no-one is coming to assist your cries
board all the exits and try to survive

some things are better left undead
some nightmares are better left in your head
the world as we know it has come to an end
it's time to fight for our lives, theres no time to pretend
what are these foul creatures, must be devil sent
prepare all your weapons, they'll find their way in

so many questions that no-one can answer
this time we've really fucked up our chances
make peace with yourself
it's likely we're not getting out alive

so many bodies on the ground
at this point i cant tell who is breathing
new expectations will be found
to put down everything you've ever loved

its time to fucking put down
everything you've ever fucking loved

i wake up and im drowning in a cold sweat
images in my mind that I cannot forget
unsure if this is a dream or reality
I don't know if I am dead or where I'm meant to be
Hello's stuck my throat
Somebody must be haunting me.
I don't know where to go
I walk the consecrated ground beneath my feet
i am alive
no one is coming to assist your cries
lock the doors and try to survive
Track Name: Le Wolfé
One thousand steps to a resonating sadness
We break our backs to find answers and for what
This is the reason I am drowning my sorrows
Within these depths they could never keep afloat

I just want to be left alone
All you will get from me is a busy tone
Inside my head there is nobody home
How many times must you hear it, just leave me alone

At some point we all hide from the world
From scrutiny and words we don't want to hear

People have too much to say
Stop trying to fucking save the day.
Stop trying to fucking rescue me
I'm more free than you will ever be.

I know what you want
you want me to be ok
so you can get on with your mindless routine
Stop trying to rescue me

I'm in a cage and you are the bars
I've been a loner from the very start
Stop trying to fucking make me smile
You're whole life is a fucking denial.

everything you say is a lie
so dont even fuckin try
to confide in me you
fucking worthless piece of shit

just leave me alone.
Track Name: I'm A Beast
Tonight I'm on the prowl
It's a full moon, listen to me howl
theres a demon inside of me
no beauty, just the beast
You can run but I smell your fear
please weep your final tears
it's not like this is my last meal
it's just your heart I want to steal

Little red riding hood,
you're lookin so fuckin good
good enough for me to eat
how bout you spend the night next to me

This is the ultimate thrill
the chase before the kill
listen to my stomach bellow
even after I've eaten your fellow

you stop and turn around
because you can hear the sound
of my heart next to yours
please step into my jaws

Little red riding you,
you look so fuckin good
good enough for me to eat
nothin better than fresh white meat
little red riding hood
im just a little misunderstood
but you're such a tasty treat
you're everything a big bad wolf could want.

Check under the bed before you go to sleep tonight baby

Oh, I can smell your fear in the air
Oh, I'm gonna eat you up, I know that its not fair
Oh, I can't control myself, you just look too damn good
Oh, I hope you understand that you are nothing to me than a piece of food.
Track Name: Night Hunger
We have all waited forever
patiently we bided our time
you've never known what hunger is
until we come out tonight

death never looked so fresh

this is morbidity in reality
so come with me
if you want to see the night
more beautiful than ever
i think ill make this city my new home
a place i can really call my own
i'll decorate with fangs and skulls and bones
I will never be alone

the sun is down
we're out for blood
we're coming for you
we'll never rest in pieces
we'll walk this earth for eternity
and we'll be forever hungry
the sun is down
we're out for blood
we're coming for you

if we're gonna hit the bottom
we better make damn sure
we make it worth the fall
cos we're immortal afterall
and iv dug my grave, or made my bed
and its all the same so lets die instead
fuck that, I want live forever
I want to live forever

the sun is down
we're out for blood
we're coming for you
we'll never rest in pieces
we'll walk this earth for eternity
and we'll be forever hungry
the sun is down
we're out for blood
we're coming for you


I want to live forever.
Track Name: Grievance Procedure (feat. Avalon.)
They said you weren't meant to be here
They said your mother was at fault
And now we see, it's become so clear
But all we're left with is revolt
You left a family heartbroken
You left our minds filled with grief
I wear your soul around my neck
I'm trying so hard to believe

Every year it will get harder
for your mother and your father
At times its so hard to keep up
At times I just don't give a fuck
I want to punish those responsible
and burn down that fucking hospital

I still remember that night
I was so far away, so far away
She called me crying and frightful
I should have been there on that day
oh, my cousin i have tried
to keep all of my knots tied
but i never got to say hello
i didn't have the chance to say goodbye

This song helps me to accept that you are gone.
This song helps me to never forget that you are dead and gone.

So now rest and watch over us
We'll feel your breath on every strong gust
We'll hear your feet along the pews
We will live this life for you.
So now rest in peace.
Track Name: Sleepless Immortals
Spendin money we don't have
in search of the feeling we always wanted
spew the good times when you've had too much.
The tolerance raises up the bar
A little more each time as the alcohol holds its own.

Every year I fall in love again with the summer breeze.
My senses give way, under thin sheets she kisses my sweat

and wakes me to the new day 500 more ways to help me forget the day she leaves.
The smell lingers through the night
as twilight warriors we will fight
the dawn and surrender to the beauty of the sun.

i cant believe this life i lead pays the bills
I owe it all to the power that she has inside.
She breaks my heart when she leaves me to the cold alone.
But I'll always love her so, I'll always love her so.

I swear to the stars above me that I will never go home
I know one day soon you're leaving me but I will never go home

I know you're leaving me
I know you're leaving me

so get out
500 more ways to help me forget the days she leaves.

We are the sleepless immortals
we will never dream
because we live what we inspire

ill never go home
i will never go home